How can I start accepting payments?

Onboarding is simple. Sign up here. You can start integrating and testing straight away. Once you provide basic business information and sign our contract, so we can activate your account for live transactions.

Can anyone start accepting payments with Accept?

Legally, we can only provide payment solutions to registered companies. When you sign up we’ll request a copy of your commercial registration document and tax card. For legal and regulatory reasons, there are also some business types we are unable to work with.

Where is Accept available?

Accept’s full range of services is available for businesses in Egypt. For clients all over the world we offer many of our services. Please contact us with more details of your business and where you are based to see how we can serve you. If your business uses Accept, customers from all over the world can pay you.

Do I have to have a bank account with a specific bank?

No, your company can use any bank you like to receive payments. We can transfer to your company bank account at any bank.

What payment methods are available with Accept?

Your company can accept credit and debit cards, including MasterCard and Visa, from all over the world. Within Egypt, you can also accept Mobile Wallet payments (e.g. Vodafone Cash), cash on delivery and card on delivery.

How often will I receive my money?

We make transfers to your account once a week, if you have reached 5,000 EGP in transactions. If you haven’t reached 5,000 EGP we’ll wait until the following week to see if you’ve reached it. This is because we want to keep your costs low, so we don’t charge you for the wire transfer. Since we pay for the cost, we need a minimum amount before we can transfer you the funds.

How much does it cost to use Accept?

Our full pricing details are here. We charge per transaction, with no setup fees, no monthly maintenance fees and no wire transfer fees.

How long does it take to start using Accept?

It’s possible to start using Accept in a single day. Simply sign up, provide your full details and send us the signed contract. If you’re integrating into a website or app, the time to integrate depends on your development team. You can contact us with queries for support.

When are payments processed?

Transactions are confirmed instantly on your dashboard. They are usually processed by banks once a day. We then transfer amounts owed to you once per week.

What currencies are supported??

You can choose to display payments in either EGP or USD. If you’re integrating into your website, you can also set up your code to display a different currency which will be converted for the payments. If your company is based in Egypt, all payments, whatever the display currency, will be sent to your bank in EGP. These are rules from the Central Bank of Egypt.

Can I accept international payments?

Yes. Cards from all over the world are supported by Accept.

Can I refund a customer?

Yes. You can chose to give a full or partial refund to your customers.

What is the difference between a void & a refund?

Voiding a transaction means it won’t be processed in the first place so it won’t appear on a customer’s bank statement. A refund means the transaction was processed and then the money returned. Use the void function before the next settlement time after a transaction was made. Settlement times are each Business Day in Egypt at 11am.

What are chargebacks?

Chargebacks are when a customer asks their bank to reverse a transaction made with their card. This might be because of fraudulent use, or a claim that they didn’t receive the product or service. To reduce chargebacks, make sure you use the highest level of security on your site and keep detailed records of all customers and the services you have provided them.

How can I integrate Accept into my website?

We have APIs and step-by-step guides to help with your integration.

How long does it take to integrate?

Our APIs make integration simple. Most developers can take a week to complete the integration, according to their other workload. We have seen some customers complete the integration as quickly as one day.

What plugins are available?

We have developed plugins for several major platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, CS Cart and WHCMS. We also have code snippets for Python, Ruby, PHP, C# and NodeJS. Were always adding more. If you need a plugin for a particular platform, contact us and we’ll do our best to develop one.

What support is available?

Our developer team is here to help with any issues you have integrating or using the service. Contact to get support.

Are payments with Accept secure?

Yes. We are PCI compliant and fully meet all international standards for payments processing.

What is 3DSecure?

3D Secure is a security tool operated by MasterCard & Visa and implemented by banks to add an extra security layer to online transactions. If your customer’s bank has activated 3D Secure for their card, their payment will be redirected to a 3D Secure page for them to enter their personal security details.